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This was worthless for the members of the Warrior Soul. They had to endure the training on spiritual blasting daily until the spirit was accustomed to it. These attacks that would occur regularly should be treated as a habit – like breathing. As for their own attacks, they must be refined, to the point of perfection. Deadliness was more important than the number of maneuvers.


Hobb nodded his head. A missing warship could be seen as a normal loss – deep space voyages had never been one hundred percent without accidents. However, a high level warship directed by a captain with extensive experience in the Milky Way Alliance had lost contact. This was certainly no less shocking than encountering an 8-magnitude earthquake.


Di Maria had obviously done an in-depth analysis of his opponent, but there was still very little information about Aragon. Even after going through the trouble of obtaining the materials on the battle tactics from the Aries Institute, it was totally useless. Aragon was very strong in his physical combat. However, the videos seemed to exaggerate this as he was able to eliminate his opponent with ease. There were absolutely no points of reference from the videos because of the vast difference in skill level between the opponents. Aragon could well be a power-type fighter.


And Luo Fei’s existence was an obstacle. A person like Lear only had the space to trust one person. And as long as Luo Fei was around, no one else would have a turn.


Yes, there was nothing as important as the return of the king. Wang Zheng was the reason the SIG is able to live up to its name.


With Snow Li’s Ice Bird mech, she had been preparing for a long time. She had always been waiting for the day that she could display her use.

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These three words carried the weight of a thousand pounds. The road to the King of Manalasuo ended abruptly. All the members of the Manalasuo team could not accept what had happened. One member suddenly collapsed and burst into tears.


Qiqin Nacchai was worried about Wang Zheng’s death counter, and had therefore been extra careful. And Wang Zheng had endured those two hits to rest his opponent’s mind. Only, when Qiqin Nacchai had unleashed his own finisher, that was the time when he was most vulnerable, and Wang Zheng had taken the chance. If he had failed, he would have died.


A series of runes radiated around the Rune Warrior… it was like fireworks, and very stunning.


The scene was rather brutal, but the generals present had seen too much of it, and their mood was undampened, although they all looked on seriously.


One should know that Mars’ explosiveness and agility were not shoddy themselves.


The big screens were showing the close-up profiles of the two warriors. Matt Locatelli’s crystal-clear face was showing signs of solemn warfare. But Lin Feng… smiled.


At the SIG level, the differences between the captains and the members were even greater, and the battling powers were also more formidable. If an Earth-rank warrior was given a super mech and time, they could easily destroy a city. Furthermore, when they reached Heaven-rank, they would be equivalent to the nuclear threats of the previous generation



It was rare for one to find a worthy opponent in a lifetime. It was even rarer to meet an opponent who had the same style as himself.



Every battle team from all nations were watching. Obviously, it was a headache for the technicians. They needed to grasp the key issue of the problem. They needed to break the code; otherwise, they would be suppressed.


This was undoubtedly a huge pressure. Mars frantic attacks while in an invincible state had been useless. This was because in the end, he could not increase his attacks. This was an enormous pressure for Aragorn.


With a light streaming teleportation, the Sun God Battle Crystal suddenly came to the energy wall. This was the pride of the arena’s super energy defence. It could withstand Zeus’ shield-level lasers bomb attacks, and hence was more than capable of blocking the attacks of the mecha.

  • What was crucial was that Ander Lucia did not understand what was happening. How could his Runic Matrices be breached?
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