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Upon seeing this, the Martians who understood what was going on realized something. On Mars, the ruler was the Lie family, but in actual fact, the Sage Sect had the true spiritual control. On Mars, there was only one faith, and that was the Sage.


Wang Zheng did not deny his intention when it was laid bare. He needed his brothers to help him fight this battle, because he could only rely on himself to battle against his opponents in the semi-finals and finals. It would then truly be a battle for life or death.


Bonehead opened his eyes, and as the guardian of the Rubik’s Cube, Bonehead would never let foreign objects off for the invasion of the Rubik’s Cube.


Wang Zheng was not at all unfamiliar with the sensation. At Maklou, he had had his fill of it. Only, the Aslan product was of a higher quality. In an era where Ability X was growing stronger, there were all kinds of misuse and criminal activity. Subduing these people was a bother, and then difficult to deal with. Ability X bracelets were necessary.


In the air, Ander Lucia was gripping his Rune Sword tightly. On the ground, Mu Zhen was similarly gripping his big sword tightly.


Many were here to witness Arbiter making a laughing stock of themselves. However, as long as he was around, he would never allow it to happen.

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This was undoubtedly a huge pressure. Mars frantic attacks while in an invincible state had been useless. This was because in the end, he could not increase his attacks. This was an enormous pressure for Aragorn.


To Jondi, Saruman Snake was like a god leading a pack of minions. The rest simply could not keep up with Wang Zhengs pace. But


This strange method of cutting off served as a reminder to Ander Lucia that such interference had appeared many times in Atlantis internally when they were sparring one another. This was meant for those who understood how the Runic Matrices were created and would use it as specific interference while sparring. No one had thought that outsiders would know how to use it too. If they were mentally prepared, it would not be so easy to try to cut it off again.


The noise in entire arena peaked while waiting for the competition to start. For most of the people, this was the first time that they were watching an actual battle of this level. Excitement was inevitable.


As the flames rose, it was clear. These were flames that had expended her own energy, which was incomparable to flames drawn from the outside. But her spiritual power could not be compared to Eve Litts. Against her complete control with azure flames, Lie Xins flames seemed so small.


Hehe, although the Oracle belongs to the Elders, the Sacred Religion still requires an heir, or at least successors for the Elders. This is sufficient. Take it one step at a time; otherwise, there is bound to be harm, said Tan Yuyang.


Locatelli’s Battle Crystal was also shining brightly. The energy shield was at his feet, constantly transmitting energy. An energy wall formed in front of the Battle Crystal, launching layer by layer.



The second lieutenant who was seeing to Wang Zheng was extremely pretty, but her expression was serious. Who was this guy? Before an hour had even passed, six generals from different countries had asked about his condition…



But Zhang Shan did not know how much longer he could hold out. He could not forage well, as the food supplies were often dropped in the day. And he had no means of doing battle with the Zergs, so he could only eat bark and grass. If this carried on, Zhang Shan felt like he might turn into a goat.


All of the competition members were about to arrive. The observers had already taken off as well. Kashawen was not so free. Of course, she would not really let Aina watch such a bloody scene.


The Saruman Snake would face off against the Dark Knight battle team of the Darkness Empire. Wang Zheng would face off against González again. Only this time, González would not have the opportunity to escape.

  • The Radiance battle team, as a top ten seeded battle team, evidently held the absolute advantage, winning two rounds continuously. However, at the third round, they were forcefully overturned by the Sagittarius’ captain, bringing the decisive round to the team battle.
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