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Zhang Zhun did not try to act up. Normally, physical techniques would not result in powerful area of effect attacks, but it was hard to say for these two. In the last week, his wounds had completely recuperated. Due to his excellent mental state, he might even be better off then when he first started.


Mu Zhen was propelled high up in the whirlwind. A roar sounded in the sky. Amidst the thunder and lightning, Mu Zhens giant armour shone in a strange, transparent light.


With the semi-finals drawing near, Aslan was bustling with excitement. The traffic department of Aslan was also on high alert in anticipation of these big matches. At the same time, they had to prevent any emergencies. So far, from the press releases regarding the preparations for the battle, it was enough to handle even more bustling venues. Of course, this was not merely for the live matches itself, the major military colleges would also be providing more venues for the live broadcasts. After all, those who could be at the arena to watch the live matches were still a minority. Aslan also needed such results recently, especially in the military colleges groups. Since they had made this such a big event, Aslan did not want a defeat that happened at IG, allowing the Arbiters to win the trophy at their own backyard. All the students’ enthusiasm was also very high. Every tactic was analysed. The tactical department practically turned the eight teams inside out.


However, Wang Zheng roused this feeling out of them. The Atlanteans did not make a come back during the Greatest King. What would be the attitude of Sea Queen battle team led by Prince Dina Atlas now?


“Is it? From what I can see, those mecha were just moving about, afraid of getting hit. The Mayan are past their prime,” said Gabre.


Wang Zheng’s right hand blocked consecutively. He was on the backfoot from the get go. González was kicking hard. He wanted to break Wang Zheng’s hand.

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Thus, the dark force bore no mysterious suppression on Wang Zheng. It could be said that he and Aslan had an ill-fated relationship. Having gained an understanding of the balance of the five elements propelled him to the next level. This was stronger than the breakthrough of individual ability. At the same time, it was also an enhancement of his foresight and state.


He did not just not feel a sense of cowardice in his heart, he had instead become more stubborn. Zhang Shan’s eyes emitted a glow of excitement and focus. There was nothing else in his mind except for the opponent.


Bolet pondered and recorded. This was an exception. Although it was not too widely seen, it would be a good question for the special forces.


Real military students were still far from these professional soldiers. And 31 years old was a person’s prime, at least in terms of physical ability. This meant that Wang Zheng would have a disadvantage in the fight. But in these circumstances, it was not even a problem of disadvantage.


But Matt Locatelli’s target was actually the prince of Atlantis, Dina Atlas. The Mayans did not want to confront the humans directly. While the humans were weak if they are alone, if they joined forces, it would be difficult to defend against them, especially if the numbers were huge, just like a fleet of locusts. The numbers of the Mayans, who were pursuing elitism, were few and far between. For every hundred human men, there was only one Mayan. The many years of forbearance had led the Mayans to seek other methods.


Six consecutive punches, and shockwaves flew everywhere. The soil flew, and debris rocketed. Wang Zheng was still in his half-squat, his hands postured unmovingly, fending off Mars’ savage attack. He could not shrug free, but he did not let Mars achieve his goal.


The conditions of actual combat and virtual warfare were two very different concepts. More emphasis was placed on defense and caution. Unlike the condition in virtual warfare, it was rare that the vital points were attacked, there was greater emphasis on caution. This best reflected actual combat, and, of course, the risks were also higher.



Power was double-edged. But Wang Zheng was still in a good mood. At least he had managed to use it, and he had foiled Kashawen’s plans. Now he just needed to recover as quickly as possible!



Zhou Yun lowered his head. Pang Tong, as an onlooker, naturally could see it clearly, but he was still unconvinced. “The opponents are either too crafty or too strong…”


The surge of the lightning energy slammed against the Phantom, sweeping everything within its path, and the rows of buildings collapsed.


Battuta roared loudly. Although it was a size smaller than the Giant, the Desolate Steel Beast was as powerful as a diamond. The huge steel fist of the Desolate Steel Beast punched ferociously into the legs of the Giant mech. Although Mu Zhen’s Giant was gigantic, it was oddly agile. The wind energy raised it, and it was able to evade agilely. The Big Alloy Blade swung towards Desolate Steel Beast, and a tornado-like power swept across.

  • Zhang Shan had hidden himself. It would be dumb to do otherwise. Although student Zhang Shan was hotheaded, his ability to hide was meticulous. Of course, his closeting in the wormhole back in IG had been godlike. When it was time to endure, Zhang Shan did not shy away.
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